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Federal Criminal Defense

At Bennett & Bennett, we have represented people accused of crimes in both state courts and federal courts for more than a quarter-century.

Many criminal defense lawyers choose not to take federal cases for several reasons:

  1. Complexity: Federal cases often involve more complex legal issues and procedural rules compared to state cases. Lawyers who primarily practice in state courts may not be as familiar with the intricacies of federal law, making it more challenging for them to effectively represent clients in federal court.

  2. Higher stakes: Federal cases typically involve more severe charges and carry harsher penalties than state cases. A conviction in a federal court can result in longer prison sentences, substantial fines, and other serious consequences. This can put increased pressure on the defense attorney to succeed in a challenging environment.

  3. Limited experience: Many criminal defense lawyers have limited experience in federal court, as the majority of criminal cases are handled in state courts. This can make it difficult for them to effectively navigate the federal system and provide the best representation for their clients.

  4. Resource-intensive: Federal cases often require more time, effort, and resources than state cases. They may involve extensive pre-trial preparation, including reviewing large volumes of evidence, filing numerous motions, and engaging in lengthy negotiations with prosecutors. This can be a deterrent for criminal defense lawyers who may not have the resources or capacity to take on such cases.

  5. Collaboration with federal agencies: Federal cases frequently involve cooperation between multiple federal agencies, such as the FBI, DEA, and ATF. These agencies have significant resources at their disposal, making it more challenging for defense attorneys to counter the prosecution's case.

  6. Lower likelihood of success: Federal prosecutors tend to have higher conviction rates than state prosecutors, partly due to the extensive resources available to them and the seriousness of the charges. Defense attorneys may be less inclined to take on federal cases if they believe their chances of winning are lower.


All of these are excellent reasons for even the best lawyers with state criminal-defense practices to stay out of federal court. 


We focus on federal criminal defense and are well-equipped to handle the unique challenges associated with representing clients in federal court.

Even some top Texas criminal-defense lawyers do not take federal cases, instead referring them to Bennett & Bennett. If you have a federal criminal case and you need a trial lawyer, or if you need a direct appeal in a federal criminal case, give us a call.

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