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2.25 GB Free

With hurricane season approaching, now’s a good time to start thinking about how you will keep your practice viable after a disaster.

I use Dropbox to back up my critical files to the cloud. I have a folder on my hard drive that the Dropbox software keeps seamlessly synchronized — when I change a file in the folder, it’s uploaded to the cloud, where it’s encrypted with AES-256 and stored. Actually, I have the same folder on multiple hard drives; when a file is changed on one of them, it’s uploaded to the cloud and then downloaded to the others.

My blog images and PDFs are stored in my “public” folder in my Dropbox folder. If I move a file into the public folder, I can right-click to get a public link to that file.

I can also share a particular Dropbox folder with someone else who has Dropbox. So, for example, when I needed my virtual assistant in Alaska to summarize a batch of PDFs, I put them in a folder and gave her access to it (but not to the rest of my Dropbox folder).

Dropbox provides 2 gigabytes of storage for free. If you use the link to sign up, you’ll get an additional 250 megabytes, and I’ll get a free 500 megabytes.



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