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2015.11 Also, in Mary Anne Franks’s Perfect World

#AZ via @berkitron — ACLU National (@ACLU) September 23, 2014

That’s a tweet from the American Civil Liberties Union. The link within it is to a blog post written by Lee Rowland (@berkitron), Staff Attorney, ACLU Speech, Privacy & Technology Project.

Sharing that image would be “disclos[ing] an image of another, identifiable person, whose intimate parts are exposed … when the actor knows or should have known that the depicted person has not consented to such disclosure.”

Disclosing an image of another identifiable person whose intimate parts are exposed when you should have known that the person has not consented to the disclosure would violate the model revenge-porn statute proposed by Mary Anne Franks.

So in Franks’s perfect world, as in Arizona, sharing that image would be a crime unless it were done “in the public interest.”

Go figure.


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