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A Man Among Prosecutorial Bloggers

Anonymous Harris County prosecutor / blogger “Arthur Seaton” at Saturday Night and Monday Morning? Wuss.

The anonymous Harris County prosecutor / blogger at Life After Esq.? Wuss.

Harris County prosecutor Jeremy Gordon, blogging under his own name at The Minority Report? Definitely not a wuss.

The first two cratered their blogs in the last week—because of blowback from Life After Esq.’s overshare about baby prosecutor school in Austin, I guess.

I’d like to think that in Life After Esq.’s shoes I’d’ve taken down the post with too much information, and gone on blogging, albeit a little more cautiously; I read Arthur Seaton’s blog regularly and don’t think it should have affected his work at all.

I’m sorry to see both go, but in their circumstances, I don’t know what I would have done. Which is why I’m so pleased to see that while he is taking a break to regroup, Jeremy, who has not needed the cover of anonymity in three years of blogging, is not retreating from what he has said in the past.

Way to go, Jeremy.


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