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All of Them. Including Nancy Pelosi.

When I say, “we should indict them all,” I really do mean all of them. That includes Nancy Pelosi, the leading Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, who claims (incredibly and contrary to the recollection of Representative Porter J. Goss of Florida) that her Republican counterpart, and the top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, were told only that the CIA believed the methods were legal — not that they were going to be used. (Salt Like Tribune April 23, 2009.)

Can a U.S. Congressman be indicted under 18 USC sections 2340A and 2 for approving torture? If so, once we get Porter Goss indicted (since he recalls a clear message that the CIA was going to waterboard people), I hope he’ll be more than happy to testify for his 5K1 that Pelosi is full of crap, and that in private she was as eager as everyone to start torturing the bad guys.

As my favorite DEA agent would say, “EVERYONE!!!“


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