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Call for Articles

Sarah Wolf, at the Texas District and County Attorneys Association, is looking for stories for the TDCAA magazine:

Hey there, web-based friends, In the next issue of The Texas Prosecutor journal, I am asking people to send me their stories about a particular crime victim they remember. I would love for y’all to share your stories! Tell me about the case, the victim, and why he or she has stayed with you. Please keep it under 500 words, and email it as a Word document to me at wolf (a t) tdcaa (d o t) com. I will need them by Friday, February 6. Thank you!

So if you have a favorite crime-victim story (I would guess that Sarah will take complaining-witness stories as well), email Sarah.

I think she should lead off with Timothy Cole, who died of asthma after 13 years in prison (at age 38) after the State ignored another man’s confession to the crime that landed him there.


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