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Chuck is Going . . . Going . . .

I asked here, “Is the fix in? Did Kelly get word that Chuck’s resignation is in the cards?”

It appears that, indeed, the fix is in. Reports indicate that Chuck Rosenthal’s chief investigator (and right-hand man) John Ray Harrison was packing up Chuck’s office on Friday.

Business as usual, then, at the Harris County DA’s Office: Chuck, after getting his ass kicked on the stand in federal court, decides on Friday to resign, and tells Kelly so that on Monday she can call for his resignation and appear to have influenced his decision.

I surmise, for reasons I discussed here, that a deal has been cut for Governor Perry to appoint a non-candidate caretaker DA for the interim.

The prosecutors’ desired endgame: Kelly gets elected, claims that there was nothing wrong with the Office that Chuck’s resignation didn’t fix, and everybody but Mr. Harrison and Ms. Stevens gets to keep his or her job.

(News like this takes time to percolate down to me. AHCL and her prosecutorial readers could undoubtedly have reported that fact on Friday, but that wouldn’t help create the illusion that Kelly Siegler, by calling for Chuck’s resignation, acted as an agent of change.)

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