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Do You Take Payments?

No, I don’t take payments. If I put you on a payment plan, I’d be loaning you the money to pay me. I’ll give you some time to get the fee together, but if nobody you know will loan you the money to pay my fee, why would I?

Banks are businesses dedicated to loaning people money. They know how to identify sound and bad credit risks, but they are not really terribly picky about who they loan money to, or on what terms. If a bank won’t loan you the money to pay my fee, again, why would I?

Unlike banks, I’m dedicated to defending people. Every other one of my clients paid me up front on the understanding that I would spend as much time as necessary working on her case. If I loan you the money to pay me, I have to spend time making sure I get paid, and every minute that I spend trying to get paid is a minute spent not defending them or you.

You don’t go to a bank expecting to hire a criminal-defense lawyer. Don’t go to a criminal-defense lawyer expecting to take out a loan.



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