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Does Mensa Matter?

Mensa is an organization for people with IQs above the 98th percentile. That translates to IQs above 132 on the Stanford-Binet IQ test (wikipedia). (It is, to borrow from John Bender, sorta social — demented and sad, but social.)

Lawyer is a typical occupation for people with an IQ in the 130s. According to the Michigan Bar Journal, “the mean, that is the mathematical average, IQ of attorneys hovers around 127.” I would bet that more than a fourth of the lawyers (and one of the judges . . . maybe) down at the criminal courthouse have IQs of 132 or above. Most of them don’t belong to Mensa.

Yet every positive article about Kelly Siegler and her bid for DA seems to mention her Mensa membership. Why is that?


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