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HPD Officers Suspended

Here’s a list (compiled by Houston criminal-defense lawyer—and hero of the revolution—Robb Fickman) of the Houston Police Department officers suspended in the last two weeks:

Chinese Consulate:

Officer Timothy Riley Jr. (Central Patrol Division)

Officer Quang Tran (Central Patrol Division)

Officer Victor Olivares (Central Patrol Division)

Chad Holley Arrest:

Sgt. John McClellan (Westside Gang Unit)

Officer Raad Hassan (Westside Gang Unit)

Officer Waleed Hassan (Westside Gang Unit)

Officer Drew Ryser (Westside Gang Unit)

Officer Philip Bryan (Westside Gang Unit)

Officer Andrew Blomberg (Westside Gang Unit)

Officer Gaudencio Saucedo (Westside Gang Unit)

Senior Officer Lewis Childress (Tactical Unit of Westside Patrol Division)


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