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I Was Half Right About Dionne Press’s Assisted-Suicide Case

On 18 September the aiding suicide case that Dionne Press neglected and that I offered to work on for free (which caused Press to try to get the DA’s Office to file charges or a grievance against me) was no-billed by the grand jury of the 351st District Court.

So I was right in predicting that result (to be honest, the outcome was a no-brainer, which is why Press should have filed a writ of habeas corpus ten weeks ago), but wrong about the timeline. Press’s client didn’t spend almost sixty days in Harris County Jail charged with a fine-only offense; he spent eighty days in Harris County Jail charged with a fine-only offense.

What a waste.

Press’s marketing says:

I take every Criminal charge seriously. I will work hard in your defense to protect your rights and freedom.…  * * * * * I will provide you with individualized attention, professional expertise and aggressive representation. I will use my years of experience and dedication to fight for your rights and aggressively defend your case.

Utter hogwash. “Aggressive” is not necessariyly the best way for a criminal-defense lawyer to be, but if that was “aggressive representation,” I’d hate to see a criminal-defense lawyer being passive.



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