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Jury Watch

Our jury went home for the night at 5:30. In my closing argument I had suggested that they ask for twelve copies of the charge (I don’t remember who I stole that idea from); their first request after retiring to the jury room was to ask for twelve copies of the charge; their second was to ask for the evidence; the third (a couple of hours later) was to ask to go home.

They’ll be back tomorrow at 8:30. I don’t have to be there as long as I’m reachable. I have a federal sentencing at 9:00, then I’ll go back to state court to attend to some of my clients whom I’ve neglected lately and continue the vigil with my client, Tyrone’s client, and their family and friends. When you’re in trouble, there’s nothing more valuable than good friends and family.

(For the last nine days I’ve been waking up without an alarm clock at 5:30 a.m. Tonight I hope for some serious sleep.)



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