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Lawyernomics 2013

Read Scott Greenfield’s closing keynote address for Lawyernomics this week in Las Vegas. There’s a race to the bottom in lawyer online marketing—”ultra-competitive business landscape,”* as Lawyernomics huckster Avvo would have it—Lawyernomics is there to psych lawyers up for that race—using Yelp! Twitter! Google! Virgin America!**—and Greenfield will*** exhort Lawyernomics attendees to go out there and win it:

* * * * * Whatever sleazy thing the virtual lawyer does that angers you, frustrates you, makes you wonder why you checked the “Yes, I’m a’coming” box on the Cooley response card, don’t let it get you down. Just lace up those running shoes and be one step sleazier, one lie better, and you become the winner in the race to the bottom. Until, of course, the virtual lawyer will then slide in beneath you. But there is always something you can do to go lower. Just don’t be like me and blush, or you will never make it in the ultra-competitive landscape of internet marketing. Now, go out and be the best virtual lawyer you can be. Remember, you can always go lower.

Read it all.

*N.B. not “professional” but “business.”

**Wait, what?

***won’t really


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