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“Legal Brand Marketing” Ethics FAIL

When she filled out a form on a website looking for a lawyer to defend her in a DWI case, do you think it occurred to Ms. Dilworth that the boneheads she was sending her information to would be forwarding it to a bunch of strangers, none of whom were bound by attorney-client privilege? 

I kid. Of course it didn’t occur to her (here’s the sort of form she filled out; it promises her “contact with multiple local DUI attorneys”).

Nor did it occur to her that “my alcohol level was three times the legal limit” is the sort of statement that a prosecutor, if he found it, would gleefully use in cross-examining her.

The problem with outsourcing your marketing to yahoos like Blake Knight, with their cavalier attitude toward things that should not have been revealed except under the protection of privilege (“Notes about your DUI”? STFU), should be self-evident. But this outfit has several otherwise-reputable DWI lawyers shilling for it.

If when you outsource your marketing you outsource your ethics, what is it that do you do when you put on your hotpants to market the marketers?

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