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Loose Ends

Since I suspended regular blogging in favor of 928 repair, a couple of my old stories have needed updating.

  1. In the case of Lesher v. Coyel, in which two lawyers were awarded $13 million by a jury for online libel, the trial judge threw out the verdict, granted a judgment for the defendants notwithstanding it, and ordered the plaintiffs to pay costs

  2. In the case of Oregon v. Naked American Hero, John Brennan was acquitted (“After standing stark naked for about five minutes, police tackled him to the ground and hauled him to jail, The Oregonian reports.” Tackled by naked cops? Awkward!).

You may have missed it, but the story of the TSA priest was right in my wheelhouse.

J was at our local chain grocery store the other day; the guy at the fish counter was blowing in plastic bags to open them up so he could put fish in them. The customer before J at the counter didn’t even flinch. Eww.

It’s a metaphor for Americans’ relationship to authority; get it?

(J, of course, insisted on a bag that hadn’t been inflated by some stranger of uncertain health status. And I seared the salmon really well.)

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