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More Texas Criminal Law Links

Republished with the kind permission of Paul Bush at (who saw this post and volunteered his list of Texas criminal law links), following is a comprehensive list of Texas criminal court and jail online links.

I’ve removed all of the sex offender registration links (because lists of sex offenders are so inclusive that they do more societal harm than good and offend my sensibilities) and “most wanted” lists (because the Crown does just fine finding clients for me without my help, thank you very much). So if you are looking for either of those things, go to, which has a large number of such lists.

I also removed all of the civil, bankruptcy, probate, and family court links. You’ll have to go to for those as well, and for similar lists for the other 49 states and D.C.FreeUS Federal Bureau of Prison InmatesFreeStatewide InmatesFreeState Department of Criminal Justice Offenders State Department of Public Safety Criminal History Record ServiceFreeState Department of Insurance Disciplinary ActionsFreeBell County Jail Active Inmates Record Search RequestFreeBexar County Jail Activity ReportsFreeBrazoria County Jail Records Bond RecordsFreeBrazos County Jail Records Bond RecordsFreeCameron County Jail Current Inmates FreeCollin County InmatesFreeDallas County Criminal Background RecordsFree-City of Carrollton Municipal Court WarrantsFreeCity of Dallas Arrest Records, Incidents Records,Accident ReportsFree-City of Desoto WarrantsFree-City of Garland WarrantsFree-City of Grand Prairie Warrants and CitationsFree-City of Mesquite WarrantsFreeDenton County Jail Records Bond Records Parole Hearing NoticesFree-City of Denton InmatesFreeEctor County Jail Inmates Recent ArrestsFreeEl Paso County Jail and East Montana Jail Annex InmatesFree-City of El Paso ArrestsFreeFort Bend County Courts of Law Jail Arraignment CalendarFreeGrayson County Jail Records Bond RecordsFreeGregg County Jail Records Bond RecordsFreeGuadalupe County Jail Records Bond Records FreeHardin County Jail Current Inmates Current WarrantsFreeHarris County Jail Bookings and Releases Criminal RecordsFree-City of Baytown Municipal Jail Inmates Warrants Crime ReportsFreeHunt County – City of Commerce Open WarrantsFreeKerr County Jail Records Bond RecordsFreeLamar County Jail Records Bond RecordsFreeLubbock County Jail Roster, Bookings, and Releases McLennan County Criminal Record Search (Telephone/Mail)Free-City of Waco Municipal Court WarrantsFreeMidland County Inmates Police Reports Constable Warrants County Clerk WarrantsFreeMontgomery County Jail RosterFreeParker County Jail Records Bond Records FreePotter County – City of Amarillo Jail Custody Reports Municipal Court WarrantsFreeRandall County WarrantsFreeRockwall County Jail Records Bond RecordsFreeSmith County Jail Records Bond RecordsFreeTarrant County InmatesFree-City of Arlington Jail InmatesFree-City of Fort Worth FugitivesFreeTom Green County Jail Records Bond RecordsFreeTravis County Inmates District and County Court SettingsFree-City of Austin WarrantsFreeUpshur County Jail Records Bond Records FreeWilliamson County Jail Records Bond Records JP1 WarrantsFreeWise County Jail Inmates WarrantsFreeWood County Jail Records Bond Records FreeUS Supreme Court Merits Briefs Briefs More Oral Argument Transcripts Oral Arguments US Appeals, District, and Bankruptcy Court NationwideParty/Case Index PACER US Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit Web PACER US District Court for the Northern District of Texas CM/ECF US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas CM/ECF US District Court for the Southern District of Texas CM/ECF US District Court for the Western District of Texas CM/ECFFreeTexas Court of Appeals, 1st District 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14thFreeTexas Court of Appeals 1st District Case Tracking 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14thFreeTexas Court of Criminal Appeals TrackingFreeTexas Court of Appeals 5th District New Cases Filed Texas County and District Courts: iDocket.comOne free search per day with account.Free242nd District Court (Castro, Hale & Swisher Counties)FreeBell County Record Search RequestFreeBrazoria County Criminal Courts FreeBrazos County Criminal Courts JP Criminal CourtFreeCollin County, Texas District,County, and JPCourtsFreeComal County District and County CourtsFreeCity of Grand Prairie Municipal CourtFreeDenton County Criminal Court JP Criminal CourtFreeEl Paso County Criminal Courts City Municipal CourtFreeFort Bend County Criminal Court More Probate Court More District Criminal CourtFreeGalveston County Criminal CourtFreeGrayson County Criminal Court JP Criminal CourtFreeGregg County Criminal Court JP Criminal CourtFreeGuadalupe County Criminal Court JP Criminal Court Harris County District and County Criminal CourtsFreeHopkins County CourtsFreeJefferson County Criminal Court 58th District Court Active Cases 60th 136th 172ndFreeJefferson County Civil, Criminal, Probate, and Commissioner’s CourtsFreeJohnson County District Court County CourtFreeKaufman County District and County CourtsFreeKerr County District and County CourtsFreeLamar County Criminal Courts JP Criminal Court Lubbock County Criminal District and County Courts at LawFreeMidland County CourtFreeMitchell County CourtFreeMontgomery County (410th) District Court Cases of InterestFreeNueces County District and County CourtsFreeParker County Criminal Court JP Criminal CourtFreeRockwall County Criminal CourtFreeShelby County Criminal CourtFreeSmith County Criminal Courts JP Criminal Court Tarrant County District and County CourtsFreeTarrant County Courts at Law JP Courts Traffic Court Criminal CourtFreeTom Green County Criminal CourtsFreeUpshur County Criminal Courts County Clerk RecordsFreeWilliamson County Criminal Court JP1 Criminal Court Commissioner’s CourtFreeWood County Criminal Courts JP Criminal Court


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