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Kelly Siegler, playing catch-up to Jim Leitner, has called for her boss’s, Chuck Rosenthal’s resignation.

Better a month late than never, I always say. But Jim and Kelly are not the subjects of this post.

The subjects of this post, referenced in the title, are DA candidates Doug Perry and Pat Lykos, who “said they were neutral on whether Rosenthal should remain in office.”

How can a candidate for DA, aware of the situation in the DA’s office and the CJC, be “neutral” on whether Rosenthal should resign? Suddenly both Lykos and Perry seem irredeemably unqualified for the post they seek.

Is the fix in? Did Kelly get word that Chuck’s resignation is in the cards? Has a back-room deal been cut for Governor Perry to place Kelly at the helm of the Office before the primary (one of the few things that might secure her the nomination)? All questions above my pay grade. Safe to say, though, that this will be an interesting week.



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