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My Latest Non-Lawyering Project

Jen got me a Kindle for our anniversary. I am highly impressed. I still have a stack of dead-tree books to work through before I can start going crazy buying eBooks, but I’m enjoying reading the International Herald Tribune for world news. Being able to carry a huge amount of text in a format the size of a small magazine has inspired me. So here, for Defending People readers who are:

A. Criminal lawyers; B. In Texas; and C. Kindle owners, (is there anyone in that set but me?)

is the Texas Penal Code (2008-2009 edition) in Kindle format:

(West wants $52 for their hard-copy version, which weighs much more, takes up valuable briefcase space, and doesn’t have nearly as cool a cover.)

I’ll be bringing the Kindle version of the Texas Penal Code online soon, and then some other statutes and rules of interest to Texas criminal trial lawyers.



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