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Pat Lykos’s Diversity Record

Murray Newman posts about Pat Lykos’s terrific success utter and complete failure in making the Harris County District Attorney’s Office more diverse. Not only are there not more non-white lawyers there than there were before Lykos came along, but there will also be fewer non-white lawyers in the Office a week from Friday.

My only complaint about Murray’s post is that he throws away fodder for a several other blog posts.

  1. The A.D.A.’s are being told that the budget has already been expended.

  2. The morale within the Office continues to plummet.

  3. Lykos is spending a large amount of time in the basement parking garage smoking like a chimney while forcing her staff to come with her to talk business.

  4. The Office is hemorrhaging money having to pay for special prosecutors to handle every case where Jim Leitner or Clint Greenwood acted as defense attorneys.

  5. The investigator that Lykos brought in to act as her personal chauffeur for her county vehicle has apparently already wrecked said county ride.

C’mon, now, Murray. The smoking alone is worth 500 words.

If you’re one of the ADAs sending this stuff to Murray, feed it to me too.

Or instead. I won’t just throw it away.



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