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Reasonable Doubt Tonight, 7/30

Prosecutors, do you want to learn about the new DIVERT program that your office adopted without consulting with you?

Defense lawyers, do you want to learn about the ethics of ex parte agreements with judges about minimum sentences in DWI cases?

Incumbent judges,* do you want to find out who is going to support your reelection campaigns when the criminal defense bar refuses because of your backroom collaboration with the DA’s Office?

MADD mothers, do you want to learn when a deferred adjudication is not a deferred adjudication?

People of Harris County, do you want to learn what is being done to save you from Demon Rum?

Tune in to Reasonable Doubt at 8pm tonight on Access Houston (streamed on Hosts Neal Davis and Todd Dupont will welcome Roger Bridgwater, and all of your questions will be answered. . . .

Or avoided. . . .

Who am I kidding? Most likely avoided.

* Except for Bill Harmon and Larry Standley, who didn’t play ball with the DA’s Office.


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