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Several Recent Additions to the Blogroll

Courtoons, daily legal cartoons:

Feisty Geek, “issues related to technology and the law, as well as opinion on politics, society, community building, music, culture, and the underside of capitalism.” Blogger facing false DWI charges.

Oedipus Lex, mature investment-banker law student. “A little pretentious . . . slightly opinionated and prone to post while under the influence of a decent red.”

Building Common Ground “between people on the autism spectrum and those who love, work with and play with them.” Lessons in social interaction from those for whom social interaction requires careful deliberation.


The Blawgraphy. UHLC (my alma mater) 2L Luke Gilman.

Overlawyered. “Chronicling the high cost of our legal system.” Here Walter Olson sounded the alarm on the CPSIA. The latest: “The Consumer Product Safety Commission yesterday advised thrift stores and other resellers and distributors of used goods to discard (unless they wished to test for lead or take other typically unpractical steps such as contacting manufacturers) children’s books printed before 1985.” Discard books? Sacrilege!


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