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Six Things; or, Does the Market Have Buddha-Nature?

• Houston DWI lawyer Paul B. Kennedy (The Defense Rests) notes the similarities between coaching 6-and-under soccer and communicating with a jury. (I like seeing other lawyers looking for clues to better lawyering in other areas . . . other, that is, than The Art of War.)

• Maryland criminal-defense lawyer Jon Katz (Underdog Blog; note the new URL) talks about the power of mu. Mu: it’s not nothing.

• Anonymous prosecutor Western Justice negotiates directly with defendants, and faces infection for it. GPTW.

On the financial front:

• Brownsville trial lawyer Ed Stapleton (Aim Low and You’ll Never Be Disappointed) tries to make up his own mind on the $850-billion bailout (on Sunday, before Monday’s market drop) and doesn’t find much other than mistrust of Republican and Democratic party leaders to base his decision on. Someone didn’t get the “maverick” memo.

• Wise County, Texas criminal-defense lawyer Barry Green (Liberally Lean from the Land of Dairy Queen) notes, “Lots of headlines around saying that ‘Investors Should Not Panic.’ I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a headline that urged the opposite.” Well, sure. The publisher would never allow it.

• Author Jim Kunstler (Clusterfuck Nation) might say that “Investors Should Panic” would be the more truthful headline.


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