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The Things We Carry

For trial, I have a collapsible wheeled file box (like one of these, but I have a cheap generic one from OfficeMaxDepot). When I’m not in trial mode, the box folds up and stores under the couch in my office. When I am in trial mode, the box expands to about 13.5″W X 12.5″L X 13″D — big enough to hold several large 3-ring binders, my code book, my laptop and its charger brick, a couple of low-carb meal replacement bars, and a plastic box for small supplies.

In the smaller box you’ll generally find:

  1. Exhibit stickers.

  2. Highlighters.

  3. Markers.

  4. Pens.

  5. DVI to VGA converter (for hooking my MacBook Pro to the courtroom display).

  6. Listerine breath strips.

  7. Verizon Wireless Broadband adaptor.

  8. Hand wipes.

  9. Post-it notes.

What do you carry with you to trial?



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