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Too Broken?

New York criminal-defense lawyer Scott Greenfield asks of the criminal justice system, “is it too broken?

These are a few of the questions he asks:

Are jurors capable of discerning truth from deception, or is this just a vanity of our support for trial by jury? . . . . Is there a fundamental flaw in our selection of judges, such that the people who want to sit in judgment are not necessarily the people we want to have as judges? . . . . Have laws based on political considerations, such as mandatory minimums, undermined the ability of the system to deliver individualized justice? . . . . Has fear of crime and terrorism been so instilled in the American psyche that the public can no longer serve as a check on unfettered governmental power? . . . . Have lawyers lost sight of their proper role in society?

Go to Scott’s site to see the rest of Scott’s questions, and to comment.

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