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What Rhymes With “Brutal Thug”?

There was a dictator named Shwe Whose couldn’t get dates, straight or gay. To compensate for this lack He imprisoned a pack Of activists — watch what you say!

This being America, we don’t have to watch what we say.

We can say, for example, that Burma’s dictator, Than Shwe, is a subhuman pederast without fear of being imprisoned (TimesOnline, h/t Tannebaum).

The same is, sadly, not true the world over.

So here’s the deal:

Blogosphere Poetry contest.

  1. Theme: “Criticism of Burmese Dictator Than Shwe.”

  2. Form: Your choice.

  3. Language: Your choice (extra credit for Burmese).

  4. Leave your entry in the comments. If you have a blog and send in a poem, I’ll give you some link love.

  5. For this post only, the rule against anonymous ad hominem attacks is suspended. I don’t know if they pick us up in Myanmar, but I don’t want anyone thrown into prison on my account.

  6. My staff of experts and I will choose the winner.

  7. No prize, just bragging rights.

  8. Entries close in two weeks.

Please spread the word.


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