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A commenter asked recently why I hadn’t written about the Joe Amendola circus. I haven’t felt inspired because, like Scott Greenfield says, “It’s not that being critical of Joe Amendola is the sort of thing any criminal defense lawyer wants to do.”

But “It’s just that it can’t be helped.”

Greenfield writes in Amendola, The Tactician:

As for Joe Amendola, he’s a complete disaster, a laughingstock, at crisis management and media relations.  He may have gotten more attention than he ever dreamed possible for a hick, but unless he ends up having a talent that will get him on the X Factor, he’s doomed himself and his client by his constant missteps.

When thinking about managing a client’s crisis, if you don’t have extensive experience dealing with the media, you must ask yourself: what would Winston Wolf do?

Govern yourself accordingly.


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