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Sex Crimes

From the Class A misdemeanor of Indecent Assault under section 22.012 of the Texas Penal Code, through Online Solicitation of a Minor under section 33.021 and Receipt, Distribution, or Possession of Child Pornography in state or federal court, through the 25-to-life Continuous Sexual Abuse of Young Child or Children under section 21.02, we have 27 years experience defending against false allegations of sexual misconduct.. Due to our First Amendment work, lawyers all over Texas call us for consultations on solicitation cases.

Such allegations carry the threat not only of lengthy prison sentences and sex-offender registration (prison outside the prison) but also of forever being treated as outside the protection of society—even in a prison full of murderers and thieves, sex offenders (especially those convicted of offending against children) are seen as the lowest of the low, and are treated accordingly.

If you are falsely accused of sexual misconduct, whether against an adult or against a child, you have to fight. The moment someone claims you have done something wrong, this rigged system kicks in against you, and you cannot trust it to do anything but put you in a box.

If you are truthfully accused of sexual misconduct, you should fight. The same rigged system is trying to put you in a box forever, and you should not just lie back and take it. Make the government either prove its case to a jury, make a deal with you that you can live with, or let you go.

Whether the allegations are true or not, you have to get a lawyer with the resources—the training, experience, and time—to level the playing field.

(Some lawyers claim to care whether the allegations are true; we don't. We are in it for the fight. So you don't need to convince us that you are not guilty; it simply doesn't matter.)

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