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Violent Crimes

From assault to murder, crimes of violence against other people are messy. In most of them (short of murder) there is an aggrieved witness with some emotional interest in the result of your prosecution. Sometimes this interest will be the same as yours—making the case go away—but often the interest is in seeing you punished, or in getting a result that can be used as the basis for a civil lawsuit.

The messiness of violent crimes can work to your advantage. Was it an assault, or a fight? Did the complaining witness consent to the violence, by word or deed? Was it intentional, or an accident? Were you justified, as in self-defense. or the defense of others?

At the same time, the witness's emotional interest might cause him or her to tell—or even to believe—something other than the truth. Because crimes of violence are so emotional, an understanding of the witnesses' emotional motivations—and an ability to show a jury, through evidence and cross-examination, what these motivations are—is often the key to winning a violent-crime case.

We've been investigating and trying violent-crime cases in Texas for more than 25 years. If you think we can help you with yours, give us a call.

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