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 Posted on January 03, 2008 in Uncategorized

The Harris County Republican Party's website shows only Jim Leitner running for the position of Harris County District Attorney, but I'm informed that Chuck Rosenthal's withdrawal from the race had the statutory effect of keeping the Republican primary ballot open for an additional 48 hours - till Friday evening. Also, I've heard that Harris County Assistant District Attorney Marc Brown has filed as well. [Edit: another Harris County Assistant DA tells me that this is incorrect; that Marc has not filed and will not.]

Marc is married to Susan Brown, who's the judge of Harris County's 185th Criminal District Court. If Marc runs and is elected, Susan will effectively be out of a job - she will be "conflicted out" on every criminal case unless there is an independent prosecutor appointed. [Edit: the same ADA says, "You moron. There is an AG's opinion that says she would have to resign if he were elected."

Interesting times, these.

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