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If you find yourself facing child sexual assault charges, you likely want to do everything possible to pursue a favorable outcome in this daunting situation. Understanding the specifics of the law and having the right defense strategy is critical, as not having a plan in place when facing such severe charges is almost always a recipe for disaster. The charges of sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, and continuous sexual abuse carry harsh penalties, making it imperative to seek legal representation promptly.

By working closely with an attorney, it is possible to mount a robust defense. For those facing charges, it is advisable to act swiftly and seek professional legal assistance from Bennett & Bennett as soon as possible. While hiring an attorney does not guarantee you a favorable case outcome, it does give you the best chance at pursuing the best outcome possible.

Understanding Sexual Assault of a Child

Sexual assault of a child in Texas is defined under Texas Penal Code section 22.011. This offense involves any sexual contact or intercourse with a child under the age of 17. The law is stringent when it comes to minors, as children under the age of 14 are considered incapable of consent under all circumstances. Penalties for sexual assault of a child are very serious, including prison sentences ranging from two to 20 years, plus the mandatory registration as a sex offender.

Are There Any Viable Defenses Against Child Sexual Assault Charges?

To effectively fight back against such serious charges, you and your attorney must vigorously challenge the prosecution's evidence. False allegations, misidentification, and lack of evidence are possible defense strategies.

Aggravated Sexual Assault: Higher Stakes

Aggravated sexual assault brings additional elements that elevate the severity of the crime and its potential penalties. Under Texas Penal Code 22.021, this charge involves factors such as the victim being under 14 years of age, the use of violence or threats, or the involvement of deadly weapons. Aggravated sexual assault is a first-degree felony, leading to life imprisonment or a prison term ranging from five to 99 years.

Legal Strategies for Aggravated Sexual Assault

Defending aggravated sexual assault charges often focuses on disproving the presence of aggravating factors. Demonstrating any inconsistencies in the victim's testimony and capitalizing on the inconsistencies by pointing them out to the court can be pivotal. Doing so can paint the alleged victim as a liar, which will be beneficial to you as the defendant. If there is little supporting evidence, this is highly beneficial to you and your case as well.

Continuous Sexual Assault: Repetitive and Severe

Continuous sexual abuse of a young child is one of the gravest charges involving minors. Section 21.02 of the Texas Penal Code addresses situations when a person is accused of committing two or more acts of sexual abuse over a period of longer than 30 days against a child under 14 years old. The minimum sentence for continuous sexual abuse is 25 years without the possibility of parole, demonstrating the severity with which Texas treats these offenses.

Defending Against Continuous Sexual Abuse Charges

For continuous sexual abuse, the defense must meticulously scrutinize the timeline and evidence of the alleged acts. Establishing that there were not two or more incidents or that the allegations were entirely fabricated can form the basis of a robust defense. Cross-examining witnesses and leveraging professional analysis are essential strategies. Again, effective representation by a skilled attorney is essential, especially in cases involving charges involving sex crimes against children.

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Confronting child sexual assault charges or other sexual offenses in Texas is a grave matter with profound legal and personal implications. The complexity and severity of charges such as sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, and continuous sexual abuse require a proactive and informed approach. The diligent attorneys at Bennett & Bennett have the knowledge and legal insight to assist you in serious matters such as this. Call 713-224-1747 today or contact us online and schedule a private consultation.

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