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When facing charges related to sex crimes, there is a lot more at stake than prison and fines. Those who are convicted of sex crimes in Texas will be required to register as a sex offender. The implications of being a registered sex offender extend far beyond legal penalties, negatively impacting the social and professional aspects of a person's life. When facing the catastrophic consequences of jail, fines, and registering as a sex offender, it is crucial to hire an attorney to aggressively fight the charges and defend against a conviction.

Crimes Leading to Sex Offender Registration in Texas

In Texas, a variety of sex crimes can result in mandatory sex offender registration. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexual assault - Engaging in non-consensual sexual contact or intercourse, as defined under Texas Penal Code, section 22.011.
  • Aggravated sexual assault - Involving additional aggravating factors such as the victim being underage or the use of violence or threats, as defined under section 22.021 of the Texas Penal Code.
  • Indecency with a child - This involves sexual contact or exposure to a child under 17 years of age, as outlined in section 21.11 of the Texas Penal Code.
  • Continuous sexual abuse of young child or children - Repeated acts of sexual abuse over a period of 30 days or more involving a child under 14, as specified in section 21.02 of the Texas Penal Code.
  • Possession or promotion of child pornography - Under section 43.26, this involves possessing or distributing material depicting sexual conduct by a minor.
  • Relationship between an educator and a student - As defined in section 21.12, this offense involves sexual conduct between a teacher or school employee and a student.

Requirements When Registering as a Sex Offender

For those who have been convicted of the crimes mentioned above, Texas law requires them to register with law enforcement and provide information that will be listed in the public sex offender registry. The duration of registration can vary, with some offenders required to register for life while others may have shorter reporting periods. Registration details and requirements are very strictly enforced, and failing to comply can result in further legal penalties.

The Social Consequences of Registering as a Sex Offender

Becoming a registered sex offender carries a significant social stigma. It often leads to challenges such as :

  • Loss of privacy - Personal information, including your address, photo, and details of your offense, becomes accessible to the public.
  • Housing restrictions - Finding a place to live can become very difficult, as many landlords and housing communities refuse to rent to registered sex offenders.
  • Community restrictions - Many jurisdictions impose restrictions on where registered sex offenders can live and work, particularly in proximity to schools, parks, and daycare centers.
  • Social isolation - The stigma surrounding sex offender registration is profound, resulting in shattered relationships and social ostracism.

The Professional Consequences of Registering as a Sex Offender

The ramifications that being a registered sex offender can have on a person's career can be equally severe, and they may include:

  • Difficulty finding a job - Many employers are simply not willing to hire someone on the sex offender registry, severely limiting job prospects.
  • Professional licenses may be revoked - Licenses that are required in fields such as teaching, healthcare, and law are often revoked when a person becomes a registered sex offender.
  • Career limitations - Restrictions on the locations where a person can work can impede their ability to perform job functions, thereby impacting their career growth and stability.

What Bennett & Bennett Can Do for You

When facing charges in which a conviction will require registering as a sex offender, a skilled attorney at Bennett & Bennett can:

  • Review and challenge the evidence - We will thoroughly examine the prosecution's evidence to identify weaknesses in their case against you.
  • Negotiate plea deals - We will work towards reducing charges or securing plea deals that may avoid registration requirements.
  • Protect your rights - Your attorney can make sure your rights are safeguarded at all times.

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Are you facing charges related to an alleged sex crime? Do not wait to hire an attorney, as taking too long to develop a defense strategy can dramatically harm your chances of a favorable case outcome. To obtain legal guidance during this difficult time, give the lawyers at Bennett & Bennett a call at 713-224-1747 or contact us online to schedule a confidential case consultation.

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