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Houston Criminal-Defense Lawyers

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Mark Bennett & Jennifer Bennett

Trials, Appeals, and Habeas Corpus Proceedings
in State and Federal Courts


Hello Friend,

You have dreams of a better future for yourself and your loved ones, and a criminal accusation is making you fear for those dreams. I’m not only a lawyer. I’m also a father, and a brother, and a friend. So I know what you’re feeling. I’ve been there myself, frightened for my future and the future of my loved ones. And I’m here to tell you: You don’t have to be afraid.

Good people make mistakes, but those mistakes do not have to define you. Even when you do everything right, the police, prosecutors, and even the courts break their own rules to persecute you. I will fight the police, the prosecutors, and the courts with you, as I have with so many people before you, so that, when we come out together on the other side of that fight, you can fulfill your dreams.

Respectfully yours,


Mark Bennett

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About Jennifer & Mark Bennett

Bennett & Bennett is a husband-and-wife team of top-rated criminal-defense attorneys. Since 1995, Jennifer and Mark have defended people charged with misdemeanors & felonies, in both state & federal courts.

Mark and Jennifer are both graduates of the University of Houston Law Center. Mark has been practicing criminal defense since 1995; Jennifer joined him in 1997. In 1999, Mark spent five weeks training at the Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, Wyoming. Since then, he has spent hundreds of hours studying and training—not only in the law, but also in fields like improv, psychodrama, and hypnosis, to be a better lawyer.

Jennifer brings her previous experience in family law, probate, real estate law, banking, and commercial litigation to the criminal forum, enabling her to approach each case with a wide lens. Jennifer works mostly behind-the-scenes, working with Mark to ensure that each case is handled with best of care. 


If you’re looking for a criminal-defense lawyer in Houston, call us at 713.224.1747.

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"Mark advised me he would be able to have my sentence relieved and my charge expunged. I doubted him but I still felt that what was wrong could be put right. Mark ultimately did the impossible. My record is now clean. My life is restored and is better than it has ever been. I can never thank him enough for what he was able to do. All I can say is this man is a truly great attorney."

"Mark took the time to learn not only about the case but about all the circumstances surrounding the situation... I promise you, Mark is the lawyer you need to have defending you in court. My case went through trial. And at the end of the day, I was set free! Mark stood by me and my family. He is a man of few words, but his mind is a machine. I could go on and on and on, but I really don't have enough words to describe what Mark Bennett has done for me and my family."

"Mark is compassionate, honest, and intelligent, and genuinely cares about his clients. Mark will be there for you every step of the way. His confidence and understanding of the law and the legal process helped to easy my anxieties and worries. From the first day I spoke to him he has always made himself available. I am very grateful for all he has done for me at one of the lowest points of my life. He helped get my life back."

"If you ever need an attorney, Mark Bennett is the one to call. He is honest, thorough, thoughtful, helpful and fights for your rights. I am beyond ecstatic in the outcome Mark was able to achieve and truly have not experienced an attorney as responsive as he is. His efforts have changed the next 10 years of my life and I am thankful beyond words.
Mark has continued to push for the absolute best outcome and to provide advice and guidance as I put this chapter behind me."

"Mark Bennett is a highly talented attorney who is gifted with perception and intuition. He has a knack for seeing the big picture, but also is very detail-oriented. Mark is a highly respected attorney, and a leader in his field. He works tirelessly for his clients, and makes himself available and accessible, when needed. If you are in the position of retaining legal counsel, do not do so without consulting with Mark first. We are very happy with the results he obtained for us in a very complicated legal matter. We are convinced that no other attorney could have obtained these results."

"Mark Bennett is an outstanding Houston attorney. I was seeking someone who is well respected in the industry, experienced, and aggressive to get the job done. He met all of the above criteria. I felt extremely comfortable and at ease knowing he would resolve this matter. I met with several attorneys but Mark had the competitive spirit, relationships, and strategy for a win. You get what you pay for. Mark obtained the desired outcome for my situation."

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