Phone Records III (Updated 8 November 2011)

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[Updated February 9, 2009 with information provided by Houston criminal-defense lawyer Cindy Henley.]

[Further update March 9, 2009: Houston criminal-defense lawyer Carmen Roe says, "I called Sprint at the number below; they looked up every number I had and gave the carrier name."]

[Additional update July 11, 2010: Bob Matter, at Chicago injury lawyer Jim Freeman's office, adds TracFone contact information; Vita Reid, with Philadelphia lawyer Vincent N. Melchiorre, updates the AT&T mailing address.]

[Another update 8 November 2011: Sandra Huff of the San Diego County Office of the Alternate Public Defender, again with the AT&T mailing address and fax number.]

I wrote two weeks ago and four weeks ago about subpoenaing cellphone records. Here's a summary of the contact information I have for the major cellphone service providers. Subpoenas for T-Mobile records (including what used to be Aerial and VoiceStream) go to:

Custodian of Records T-Mobile Subpoena Compliance 4 Sylvan Way Parsippany NJ 07054 (f) 973.292.8697 973.292.8911

Subpoenas for Verizon records go to:

Custodian of Records Verizon Cellco Partnership, d/b/a Verizon Wireless Subpoena Compliance 180 Washington Valley Road Bedminster, NJ 07921 Fax (888) 667-0028 Voice (800) 451-5242

Subpoenas for AT&T records (including what used to be Cingular) go to (thanks to Wilmington, Delaware APD Matt Warren):

Custodian of RecordsAT&T Legal Compliance208 South Akard Street5th Floor = MDallas TX 75202 1-800-291-4952FAX: 877-971-6093

Subpoenas for Sprint records (including Boost [thanks, @LawScribe] and what used to be Nextel) go to:

Custodian of Records Sprint Corporate Security 6480 Sprint Parkway Overland Park, KS 66251 Fax (816) 600-3111 Voice (800) 877-7330

Subpoenas for Cricket records go to (updated 23 September 2009 thanks to those nice, diligent people at Cricket):

Custodian of RecordsAttention: Subpoena ComplianceCricket Communications/Leap Wireless5887 Copley DriveSan Diego, California 92121 Fax: (858) 882-9237 Or scan and email to: Voice (858) 882-9301

Subpoenas for Cellular South go to [Updated 4 November 2009, thanks to Houston criminal-defense lawyer Michael Gillman]:

Mr. Robert A. Geoghegan, Esq. Director of Subpoena Compliance & Coordinator of Corporate Security Telapex, Inc. 1018 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite 500 Ridgeland, MS 39157 Phone: 691-355-1522 Fax: 601-487-7517

TracFone subpoenas go to:

TracFoneAttention: Subpoena Compliance9700 NW 112th Ave.Miami, FL 33178Tel. 800-820-8632Fax 305-715-6932

Subpoenas for Simple Mobile go to [Updated 7 October 2011, thanks to Houston ticket attorney Robert Eutsler]:

Email: LER@mysimplemobile.comFax: 978-246-8183Mail: Simple Mobile LER PO BOX 147 East Irvine CA 92650

These data are current, as far as I know. I will post updates as I learn of them.

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