The Continuing Adventures of “Lawyer” Andy Nolen

 Posted on August 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Following on from this post and this post:

When I googled Mekisha Murray to find her address and let her know that she'd been the victim of an Andy Nolen false negative review, up popped her Yahoo Local page, with (in addition to the one-star review of the last post) this two-star review from"niecy" on July 30, 2009:

seemed ok, but was really interested in her money, what about me!

Sound familiar? Yep. (Something you should know: Andy Nolen walks around with a netbook-typecomputer. Typing without caps is a result of typing with one hand while holding the computer in the other.) So I jumped over to "niecy's" review page. Seven negative reviews for local lawyers. No positive review of Andy Nolen, but they've got his fingerprints all over them. (This review on August 3, 2009, sounds a lot like Nolen's work too.)

51 false reviews in 12 days in July. 49 of them negative reviews of Houston criminal-defense lawyers, and two of them positive reviews of something other than a criminal-defense lawyer.

So what?

So Andy Nolen is not only ripping off other lawyers (by causing them to receive false negative reviews) but more importantly also ripping off the clients who make their decisions based on those reviews. Nobody should trust him to handle the most important of their affairs.

Andy Nolen has 13 positive reviews on Yahoo Local, and some of them don't sound like they were written by him. So what's up? Are they all false?

(For the answer to that, see my next post.)

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