Unleash the Spin Hounds!

 Posted on February 01, 2008 in Uncategorized

News from an anonymous source who has provided reliable information in the past:

Last night [1/31/08] at Live Sports Bar at Main and Preston, a pep rally-type meeting was held for the Siegler campagn. Apparently the subject and purpose of the meeting was to brainstorm and get motivated on how to counteract the stream of negative press surrounding Kelly. This indicates that the Siegler camp is reasonably self-conscious of the problem, and fears it will continue. I would have to agree with them.

Consider that when you read AHCL's Blog or a letter to the Chronicle (by Cindy Rosenthal, Vic Wisner, Chris Miller, whoever) defending the Office: they're trying to wash the stench of the Office's decay under Chuck Rosenthal off Kelly Siegler.

Here, on the other hand, I'll print the negative about any of the candidates, provided that I think it bears indicia of reliability. If you have a legitimate criticism of Jim Leitner, bring it to me. If it's credible I'll publish it.

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