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The city of Houston, Texas is home to a diverse array of professionals who play critical roles in various industries. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, nurse, accountant, or any other licensed professional practicing in Houston or throughout the state of Texas, your hard-earned professional license could potentially be jeopardized if you face criminal charges. While defending against a conviction is likely to be your first priority, you will also need to determine how to address disciplinary action and ensure that you will be able to continue working in your chosen career.

At Bennett & Bennett, we understand the unique challenges that professionals face when criminal matters put their licenses on the line. With years of experience representing clients in criminal cases, we have built a reputation for providing effective defense strategies that are tailored to protect our clients' professional careers while treating them with compassion as they respond to the accusations against them.

Criminal Matters That Can Lead to License Revocation

As an esteemed professional working within your respective field, you may be surprised by accusations that you have committed a crime, and you may be unprepared to address the repercussions that these charges could have on your reputation and your career. However, there are situations where even the most law-abiding individuals can find themselves entangled in legal concerns due to unexpected accusations.

The following are some examples of criminal matters that could potentially lead to the suspension or revocation of a professional license:

  • Fraudulent activities: Accusations related to embezzlement or financial fraud can seriously impact professions such as accountants or financial advisors who handle large sums of money.
  • Drug offenses: Healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses must strictly adhere to state and federal laws governing controlled substances. Accusations of drug diversion or other drug-related charges can raise questions about a person's ability to safely practice medicine, and in some cases, they may face investigations by the DEA or other authorities based on suspicions that they are involved in drug trafficking.
  • DWI charges: Multiple types of professionals may face serious ramifications if they are arrested for drunk or drugged driving and charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI). In addition to the potential loss of a driver's license, a DWI arrest or conviction may call a person's ability to practice their profession into question, resulting in the loss of their professional license.
  • Sexual misconduct: Professionals such as psychologists, physical therapists, or medical providers may be accused of acting inappropriately when providing services to patients or clients. These accusations may lead to charges of sexual assault or other sex crimes, and they can not only damage a person's reputation, but they may lead to a professional license being suspended or revoked.
  • Violent offenses: Professionals who work closely with vulnerable populations, such as teachers or social workers, can face license suspension or revocation if they are accused of violent crimes that could indicate that they may be a danger to others.

The Importance of Experienced Legal Representation

When a licensed professional is accused of criminal charges that may affect their professional license, it is essential to seek experienced legal representation immediately. The consequences of these charges go beyond potential fines and jail time, and they can extend to the loss of one's livelihood and damage to a reputation that has been built over years of hard work.

Attorney Mark Bennett understands the unique challenges involved when representing clients in these cases. Our skilled legal team is familiar with the expectations of licensing boards and the administrative procedures followed in disciplinary hearings. We can help professionals respond to accusations or investigations, provide mitigating evidence, and demonstrate that they can continue to practice their professions without endangering the health, safety, or well-being of others.

At Bennett & Bennett, we have successfully defended numerous professionals throughout Houston against criminal charges that have put their careers in jeopardy. We employ a meticulous approach aimed at gathering evidence, examining all aspects of our client's cases from multiple angles, identifying weaknesses in the accusations against them, and developing strong defense strategies tailored specifically to each client's unique situation. With our compassionate, caring approach, and our encyclopedic knowledge of the law, we work to ensure that our clients will be able to move forward from these difficult situations and minimize the negative effects on their careers.

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If you are a licensed professional who is facing criminal charges that could potentially result in license suspension or revocation, it is crucial to act quickly to respond to the accusations against you. At Bennett & Bennett, our skilled team has extensive experience defending professionals across various industries who have faced similar challenges. We are committed to fighting for your rights while tirelessly striving for the best possible outcome to your situation. To learn how we can help you safeguard your career and protect your future as a licensed professional, contact us today at 713-224-1747 and schedule a confidential consultation.

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