A Few More Post-Ike Photos

 Posted on September 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

One of many fallen once-majestic trees:

Snapped, not uprooted:

The tree fell in their child's room. Fortunately, they had left before the storm:

This garage is going to need a little more work:

The guy in the maroon shirt with the chainsaw lost the front half of his house to a falling tree - he and his 7-month pregnant wife were on the front porch when the tree started coming down; they heard it crack, and he dragged her back through the house, with the roof collapsing behind them; here he and the neighbors are clearing the street:

Gate blown off its hinges:

Another uprooted tree. It pains me to see these hundred-year-old trees destroyed, but at least nobody was (as far as I know) hurt.

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