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 Posted on June 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Too good to keep to myself, from Brazoria County criminal-defense lawyer Jeff Purvis:

This tip comes courtesy of my fellow Brazoria County lawyer, David Sharp. How many times have we all worked out a sweetheart deal for some 3 time ex-con charged with a 3rd degree or better felony only to communicate the offer and be met with, "Why can't I get me a 12.44(a)? E're body in my pod gots one. You ain't workin for me." In the past, I've tried explaining prosecutorial discretion, the purpose of the law, and it's application to SJF's. But today, David suggested an alternative response. If should go something like this: CLIENT: [demanding] you need to get me a 12.44(a). LAWYER: [spoken with an affect of incredulity] you want to register as a homosexual? CLIENT: [expressing surprise] huh? LAWYER: [displaying indifference] yeah, that's what 12.44(a) means. You have to register as a homosexual. I guess I can get that for you if that's you thing, but I don't recommend it. I plan on trying this out at my very next opportunity. -Jeff

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