A Tale of Two Associations

 Posted on April 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

Compare and contrast:

The purpose of ACDLA primarily is educational, and ACDLA provides its members with a variety of educational opportunities related to protecting the individual rights guaranteed by the Texas and the United States Constitutions, preserving the citizenry's and court system's commitment to those rights, and promotion of competent and ethical representation of persons accused of crimes.


Our Mission Is to Assist, Support, and Protect the Criminal Defense Practitioner in the Zealous Defense of Individuals and Their Constitutional Rights. It Is Further Our Mission to Educate and Inform the General Public Regarding the Administration of Criminal Justice and the Need for an Independent, Ethical, and Professional Criminal Defense Bar.In pursuit of our mission, we have set out to achieve the following goals:

  1. To ensure zealous advocacy, due process, and justice for persons accused of crimes;

  2. To maintain a high standard of integrity, honor and ethics in the practice of criminal law;

  3. To maintain a close relationship with national, state and local criminal justice organizations;

  4. To provide for the professional advancement of the individual members of the association;

  5. To encourage persons of integrity and ability to aspire to the defense of the accused;

  6. To cultivate a spirit of good fellowship among members;

  7. To sponsor quality continuing legal education;

  8. To keep members and the public informed of current criminal justice issues; and

  9. To provide a referral service for accused citizens.

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