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 Posted on March 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

I'm in favor of people in sensitive positions being able to blog anonymously so that they can bring us insights that we wouldn't otherwise [edit: receive]. But - and maybe this is just me - I think if you're going to blog anonymously you should treat people with at least as much respect as you would give them were you face-to-face.Dick DeGuerin is one of the respected leaders of the Harris County criminal defense bar, and a lawyer who could very well clean up a courtroom with AHCL. When Dick's on a case, the Office puts Kelly Siegler up against him; the cases Kelly brags about on her website are the ones in which she beat Dick DeGuerin. He is that good.I doubt very much that AHCL would call Dick DeGuerin "Sore Loser of the Year" to his face. I doubt, also, that she would refer to as "Dickie" in person.Pat Lykos is fair game - maybe - because she's running for office. She's put herself out there. But by taking shots at Dick DeGuerin from behind the cover of anonymity, AHCL drops her blog to a different level, and makes herself out to be just another anonymous coward.

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