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 Posted on July 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Cynthia Henley explains Why the Defense Does not Share Info with the State.

Ken Lammers (CrimLaw) encounters a unique punishment strategy form a defense lawyer in At Least Buy Me Dinner First.

Rick Horowitz (Probable Cause) explains why, if you're in a car that was stopped on the road, You Just Got Pwned!

Brian Tannebaum (Criminal Defense) is tired of the bullshit of "We Have No One In Custody, Legally."

Paul Smith (The Life and TImes of a Texas Country Trial Lawyer) asks, Can You OD On Therapy?

And, inspired by Mike's (Crime & Federalism) kvetch, here are five from outside my usual list of suspect blog sources:

Mitch Ditkoff (The Heart of Innovation) lists 100 Simple, Low-Cost, Soulful Ways to Be More Creative on the Job. (Why it's important: criminal defense is 10% toil, 10% luck, and 99% creativity.)Mike himself asks, Ira Sorkin Got Paid... For What? A reasonable question.

Scott Henson (Grits For Breakfast) says that scent lineups by dogs don't pass the smell test.

Brad Bogan (Fifth Circuit Blog) notes, in Melendez-Diaz, Illegal Reentry, and Certificates of Non-Existence of Record:

Okay, so where do we go from here? Given the sheer number of illegal reentry prosecutions, it's obvious that the chief records custodian of whatever agency it is that maintains the relevant records can't possibly be available to testify should a sufficient number of illegal reentry cases proceed to trial. And yet, a CNR won't cut it, if a defendant objects to its admission. So conceivably, if enough defendants charged with illegal reentry demand a trial, the Government will be unable to prove its case in most instances.

Finally, Dan Hull (What About Clients?) announces in No-Name, No-Publish that What About Clients? is now a proud Wuss-Free Zone.

Right behind you, Dan.

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