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The Pat Lykos DA's Office has, in the last eight months, shown a marked tendency to act without calm deliberation. See the whale policy, the no-probation-for-illegal immigrants policy, the premature announcement of DIVERT, Pat Lykos calling two of her prosecutors "incompetent", and just about every story on Murray's blog.

I wrote here about the Office's desperate-seeming call for witnesses against Judge Jackson. Now I've learned that an investigator from The Office questioned Judge Jackson's barber about the allegations.

If eventually we learn that the Office jumped precipitously into the indictment of Judge Donald Jackson, who allegedly offered a defendant in his court a benefit in exchange for "a relationship that's more than a one-night stand", it should surprise nobody.

In related news, Harris County Republican Party chairman Jared "God's Gift to the Harris County Democratic Party" Woodfill, past Asshat-Lawyer-of-the-Day honoree and Peter Principle poster child, said he plans to form a committee to investigate the allegations.

Because when you want an investigation done right, you turn to Jared Woodfill and a committee of the Harris County Republican Party.

There ain't no way to hide your lyin' eyes...

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