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 Posted on May 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

I'm in a continuing legal education program all day today, but if I weren't I would write more about Brett Kimberlin, the "Speedway Bomber" who terrorized the town of Speedway, Indiana and went to prison for it 30 years ago, and whose critics are subjected to

harassment, including: complaining to the victim's workplace, defaming the victim online, "Googlebombing" the victim, publishing the victim's address online, filing phony reports of criminal activity by the victim[,]

filing vexatious lawsuits, and "SWATing," which is spoofing the victim's home phone number and calling the police from that number with a report ("I've just killed someone") intended to bring SWAT in.

Read Patterico's post, which I've linked to above.

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And Rushie

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and Popehat.

Only a fool would not find Brett Kimberlin's cronies' tactics frightening. That's what they're counting on: silencing the Speedway Bomber's critics with a campaign of intimidation.

Patterico and Nick Gillespie and Ken at Popehat and Jordan Rushie aren't fools. So why isn't the intimidation campaign working?

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