Briefs in Texas v. Green Mandamus

 Posted on December 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here are three briefs filed today in State ex rel Lykos v. Fine, the mandamus proceeding in the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals arising out of the defense's efforts to show that there is an unreasonable risk that a factually innocent person will be executed, in violation of the Eighth Amendment. First is the defense's brief. An amicus brief oppposing mandamus by more than 50 current and former government employees, crime victims, and exonerees follows (here's the AP story), and then an amicus brief favoring mandamus by the Texas Attorney General.

A collection of all 19 documents from the Green case that I've uploaded to Scribd is here.

Green Defense Mandamus Brief

Green Amicus Brief in Opposition to Mandamus

Green AG Amicus Brief in Favor of Mandamus

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