How to Run for TCDLA Director or Officer

 Posted on May 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

From the TCDLA Bylaws, Art. IX Sec. 3:

A qualified member who desires election as an officer, director or associate director of the Association may file a petition to that effect. Such petition shall set forth the office sought and shall have attached to it the signed statements of twenty (20) members who believe the petitioner is qualified for such office or directorship and will perform the duties imposed by the office sought. Petitions for President-Elect shall also contain the statements of at least ten (10) officers and/or directors in support thereof. Such petition shall not be required of those nominated by the committee under Section 2 of this article. Petitions for election to an office, directorship, or associate directorship must be delivered to the Executive Director at the main office of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association in Austin, Texas, 50 days prior to the annual meeting.

That doesn't look too difficult. I'd like to see qualified outsiders running for every position in future years. I don't think it can but help for those representing us in the organization to know that we, rather than a committee of the Board, have chosen them.

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