John Brennan, Naked American Hero

 Posted on April 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

John Brennan stripped naked at a TSA screening area Tuesday night in protest.

He got arrested for his trouble.

MLK and Henry David Thoreau would be proud.

Brennan is charged with "disorderly conduct and indecent exposure." I've looked at the statutes (2011 ORS §163.465, Public Indecency, and 2011 ORS §§166.023, 025, Disorderly Conduct), and I don't see how the government makes its case on these facts. Interfering With Public Transportation, 2011 ORS §166.116, would be less of stretch.

I would offer to take the case for free if I didn't have to go through security to get to Oregon. Someone tell me where to contribute to Brennan's legal defense fund.

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