List of Harris County Jail Inmates Entitled to Immediate Release

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Article 17.151 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure provides:

A defendant who is detained in jail pending trial of an accusation against him must be released either on personal bond or by reducing the amount of bail required, if the state is not ready for trial of the criminal action for which he is being detained within... 90 days from the commencement of his detention if he is accused of a felony....

The State is not ready for trial if the defendant has not been indicted. If a defendant was in jail for ninety days without being indicted, he is entitled to release either by bail reduction or by personal bond.

The problem is not corrected by an indictment after the ninety days is up. If the defendant is indicted on day ninety-one, he still gets bail that he can make.

It's not automatic, of course: A lawyer has to call the issue to the attention of a judge, usually with an application for writ of habeas corpus.

Following is a list of people currently in the Harris County Jail on felony charges who were not indicted within ninety days of charges being filed against them. Some of them may have been arrested after charges were filed (and so might not be entitled to relief) but most will be entitled to bail or personal bonds.

If you represent one of these people, get on it. If you see one of your relatives or loved ones on the list, get on their lawyer to get on it.Case NumberNameCourt Notes1553888Alexander, Austin2081554599Alridge, Joseph2302 cases1554290Anderson, Leron2631554741Banks, Laramie33990 Days old on 9/61554445Bates, Michael2621553538Battles, Philip2481554376Berry, Damian1841554433Bethea, Eric1833 cases1554668Bolanos, Andres17690 Days old on 9/61554560Bolden, Shadreika1831554733Bonner, Davontany17490 Days old on 9/61553545Bush, Roderick3371554497Castaneda, Christopher3511554607Castillo, David1831553911Chenevert, Joseph1801554356Cordova, Michael1821553331Coy, Albert2281553537Dardar, Ferrell2481554525Dickson, Roy1841554266Edwards, Ronald1781554479England, Christopher2081554647Espinuza, Noe17690 Days old on 9/61553952Faulk, Joshua3391554333Fernandez, Daniel1851553396Franklin, Dedtric2281554652Freney, Elizabeth23090 Days old on 9/61554335Golatt, Jonathan209Three Cases1554729Golden, James24890 Days old on 9/61554209Gonzalez, Isaiah3371553596Gonzalez, Monica1761554693Grant, Joshua18490 Days old on 9/61553605Green, Aaron1741554351Guerra, Abel228Two Cases1554384Hardeman, Tommy2621553621Ivery, Christopher1801553796Jackson, Quincy2092 cases1554522James, Koncepcion1841554582Jefferson, Alasta3511554547Johnson, Charles3381553612Keefer, Michael3511554076Kelley, Danzell3381554504Larue, Eddie3392 cases1554417Leigh, Kendall1771553834Linzer, Colton2301554049Llorance, John1831554353Longoria, Stephanie2281554082Martinez, Evelio1831554518Martinez, Raymond2301554629Mason, Cedric2481554493McDonald, Janice1821554205Mcgee, Antonio1821554621McKinley, Tavish2081554527Nelson, Davylyn1841554431Nelson, Davylyn1841553762Payne, Andrew1771554604Pennygraph, Ansel1801553646Poole, James1781553868Quinn, Donnie2081553769Quinones, Jonathan1831554759Roberts, Kendrick17890 Days old on 9/61554113Robinson, Craig2621554165Robinson, Isabel2325 cases1554553Robinson, Jarrod2081554721Rojas, Sergio17790 Days old on 9/61553975Sanchez, Andrew2303 cases1554156Sanders, Marcus351Two Cases1554581Sanders, Victor2301554177Sandoval, Elmer1836 cases1553198Saravia-Arias, Lisandro1821554430Schuster, Marquell3391554516Scurry, Kevin1741553568Servantes, Ricky2321554031Shepard, Oliver2631554437Taylor, Darriah2081554484Taylor, Darriah2081554400Templeton, Donald2081554580Thai, Hieu3371553747Thomas, Pamela3371554749Toran, Jose23090 Days old on 9/61553466Torres Rojas, Jose1781553519Townes, Santini1851554449Verduzco, Ricardo2081553688Williams, James1801553445Wilson, James3381554159Zamora, Cesar1791553312Zepeda, Luis180

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