New York Popularity Contest?

 Posted on October 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

Nicole Black, in her Sui Generis blog is polling blog readers on the best New York Blawg and Blawger.

The results so far are here. 51 people think the Reproductive Rights Prof Blog is the best; 36 think the Feminist Law Professors blog is the best.

I would describe Reproductive Rights Prof Blog as a news-clipping blog, light on original content - not what I'm looking for in a bl... zzzzzz. (Sorry, dozed off for a minute there.)

Feminist Law Professors, on the other hand, is excellent, combining clippings from diverse and surprising sources with original content and opinion. It's very much not what I had come to expect from law professors, and I've added it to my reader.

If you think Reproductive RIghts Prof Blog is better than Feminist Law Professors, I'd love to know why; leave a comment.

For my money, though, you can't beat Simple Justice. If I could read only one New York blawg - hell, if I could read only one blawg - it'd be Simple Justice. If you're in the criminal-defense dodge, you'll probably agree. Whether you do or not, go to Nicole's blog and vote for your favorite - competition improves the breed.

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