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Houston Press article describing Houston criminal-defense lawyer Murray Newman's blog as "A Digital Bathroom Wall for Pat Lykos".

As rumors spread of continued purges, of internal memos beingdistributed "Re: unprofessionalism of reading toxic antiregime blogs atwork" and of investigations being conducted regarding improper use ofcounty computers, Newman predicted that his former colleagues may soonbecome so paralyzed by fear that the courts will choke with backlog.That'll show Lykos, he seems to think: A prosecutor needs support. Anduntil Lykos causes the total shutdown of the criminal justice system,or until his "last dying breath," Newman vows to be the criminaldefense lawyer whose blog supports prosecutors. There's an aspect ofbitterness to it as well, he admits, but "it's natural to be irritatedabout losing a job."

Defending People even gets a little quote love (but no link? c'mon now, Randall, even the WSJ blog gave me a link!):

On the blog, the Kool-Aid drinkers and the rebels thrashed it out, theformer having really just one question for the rebels: Why didn't thesepeople simply quit? The defense lawyer Mark Bennett dared them not toattend the swearing-in ("part of what I do is teach people how tofight," he writes), and it was on his blog, "Defending People," thatthe answer came that such an act would require courage. "See, growing apair," the writer explained, "means that we'll all be out of jobspretty darn quick."

Murray's response.

I have to admit that the article today wasn't exactly what Ithought it was going to be. Although I wasn't misquoted and nothing waswritten completely out of context, there are several thingsin it that I'd like to address. Mr. Patterson blended things I said inthe interview with things I've said on the blog along with whatcommenters have said on the blog and he wrote his article.

So far I've been treated fairly - even gently - by the press. I'm sorry that Murray is not happy with how he was represented in the Houston Press (a free weekly tabloid). He deserves to be quoted accurately and in context.

But supporting prosecutors to his "last dying breath"? Holy melodrama, Batman, it sounds like someone drank a little too much Rosenthal kool-aid.

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