No, Really, Thank You!

 Posted on June 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

MR. SPENCE: You notice that I didn't object to Mr. Day's opening. There's were things that were objectionable. Why don't I object? I want you to hear what he has to say. I don't want to interrupt his train of thought. I don't want to interrupt his presentation or rhythms. I don't want the Court interjecting himself in responding to objections. I want you to hear what the prosecution has to say. And I hope that he will give me the same -MR. DAY: Objection, Your Honor. We have a duty to object.THE COURT: I'll sustain the objection. The Court is here. And - but please proceed, Mr. Spence.MR. SPENCE: Thank you.

Why can't all prosecutors be as complaisant as Mr. Day?

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